Sunbridge, A Breath of Fresh Air Meets Lake Nona

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Lake Nona is located roughly 25 minutes east of International Drive, and formally inside Orlando city limits. The Lake Nona community is home to some of Orlando’s top sports, entertainment, and dining activities. As one of the fastest-growing and most innovative communities in America, the 17-square-mile area is well-known for its groundbreaking innovations around technology, mobility, and wellbeing.

Enter, Sunbridge. Sunbridge is described as the “latest community from the creators of Lake Nona, Tavistock Development Company. Coming to life on 27,000 acres in Central Florida, Sunbridge is something new. A fresh approach to regional growth. A place that will thoughtfully mix homes, schools, parks, recreational amenities, and vibrant employment centers with large stretches of true Florida nature. All tied together by an extensive trail network that will give people unprecedented access to oak forests, lakes, wetlands and waterways.” What an introduction! we are definitely looking forward to seeing this community come to life!

Sunbridge promises something new, fresh, a community like no other founded on the idea that spending time in nature is more than an every-once-in-a-while luxury. It’s an everyday essential. Sunbridge guarantees an unforgettable experience for its residents, and a lifestyle you deserve. Eateries, parks, and pools are not all you can look forward to, there are shops, schools, and an abundance of Florida nature, oak forests, lakes, wetlands, lush gardens, and so much more!

The homes and neighborhoods of Sunbridge call to you, revealing some of the best that living in Florida has to offer. Adventure awaits you throughout this expansive community and an undeniable connection to your surroundings make coming home one of the best feelings you can ever dream of. A wide selection of homes awaits you — for people of all ages and stages. These homes embody an inspired, of-today interpretation of classic Florida architectural styles: Coastal Craftsman, Coastal Cottage, Farmhouse, Shingle, Florida Cracker and Florida Foursquare. Each one designed to create both a strong connection to the outdoors and a gorgeous, diverse street scene.

One of the amazing highlights of being a part of the Sunbridge community, is the convenience of being just half hour away from Downtown Orlando, tucked away in your own slice of paradise, and yet within easy reach of a simple change of scenery as you deem fit. Sunbridge is the community that you never knew you needed, until now. Have you gotten a chance to check it out?

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