Rachel Vanderveen and Affinity Real Estate Group Are Top Production Leaders in the 2022 eXp Realty® Canada Top 50 By Volume Lists

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Last week, eXp Realty announced the Top 50 Individuals and Teams in By Volume in the U.S. for 2022 and this week, recognition is going to the neighbor to the north by unveiling the Top 50 Individuals and Teams for eXp Realty® Canada in 2022.

Top Individual eXp Canada Agents By Volume in 2022*

Leading in individual sales volume is Rachel Vanderveen, an eXp Realty agent and four-time ICON agent based in Calgary, Alberta who finished 2022 with $96,355,611.45 in sales volume.

Second is Zhe “Gary” Geng, an eXp Realty agent based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Gary closed 2022 with $78,049,000 in volume.

Third is Mark Verzyl, an eXp Realty agent and investor based in Calgary, Alberta. Mark closed with $76,922,526.79 in sales volume.

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Top eXp Realty Teams By Volume in 2022*

The Top 50 eXp Realty Canada Teams by Volume is led by Ibrahim Hussein Abouzeid of the Affinity Real Estate Group followed by The Jennifer Jones Team and Infill Hub Group.

Ibrahim Hussein Abouzeid leads the Affinity Real Estate Group, which closed 2022 with $382,928,200.62 in sales volume.

Second is The Jennifer Jones Team, led by the team’s namesake, Jennifer Jones. The team operates in the Toronto, Ontario market and has expanded business into Southern and Central Ontario. The team closed with $275,806,246.78 in sales volume in 2022.

Third is Bradley Van De Walle, who leads the Infill Hub Group in Calgary, Alberta. In 2022, they closed on $182,787,775.77 in sales volume. 

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*All currency figures shown are Canadian dollars

Source: https://life.exprealty.com/exp-realty-canada-top-50-by-volume-2022/

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