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Orlando Real Producers Magazine for June 2019 curated a platform that connects, informs, and inspires the top 2.5% Real Estate Agents in Central Florida through a monthly trade publication, quarterly parties & social events.

Below are the contents referenced in the Magazine featuring Ben Laube in Orlando Real Producers Magazine for June 2019 “35 under 35” list winners!

What does “success” mean to you?
Success to me has an abundance of meanings. Within Transactions, success is an easy surprise-free transaction that closes on time. Success in my business means helping 40 families buy/sell this year, while still maintaining a happy balanced life.

What makes you different from other agents?

I believe my personality, work ethic, tech abilities, and marketing background separates me from other agents. I have realized that not every customer is the right fit for every agent, mostly due to personality. I pride myself on being able to connect with a variety of personality types. I have studied how different personality types handle situations to ensure I am communicating effectively to others who may process information differently. I love a challenge and as a self-motivated learner, I strive to always expand my knowledge of real estate.

What are some of your goals for this year?

Professionally I am working to break the $10 million in sales volume in 2019 as well as grow my team by attracting agents I respect to join eXp Realty. I hope to scale my business with outside support and build a group of 10 by the end of the year. Personally, my goal for 2019 is to travel once a month as I love to explore new cities. Being outside of Central Florida is when I truly relax. This year is focused on domestic trips – Chicago, Seattle, Denver, and Palm Springs, whereas next year I’m excited to be going on international trips. A long-term personal goal is to earn my pilot’s license as I have always been fascinated by planes.

What are some of your biggest dreams, aspirations, or “bucketlist” items?

My long-term plans include becoming more involved in real estate development with the goal of changing the skyline of 10 cities across the country by developing beautiful high-rises. I love to travel and wish to continue discovering the world. I believe it is unfortunate for people to live in a bubble. I believe one needs to explore new places, cultures, food, and really understand the perspective of others to enjoy life.

Are there any organizations or charities that you support?

I actively sit on the board of the Downtown Arts District, operator of City Arts Orlando, serving as the Secretary of the board. I believe the Orlando arts community is a critical aspect to the diversity of Orlando. I as the President of BNI Synergy, a professional networking referral group focused on building each other’s business by purposeful follow-up and accountability. Other organizations I’m actively apart of and support include Equality Florida, Downtown Orlando Partnership, MBA Orlando, and IMMERSE.

What are your favorite tools, apps, or bits of technology?

I love my new iPad Pro as it helps to pull up information while showing homes rather than have to print countless MLS sheets. I also would not go a day without using my Air-Pods to make it easy to jam out while working and handle phone calls. Software-wise, I find Contactually to be a great system to organize contacts and their conversations as well as Canva for simple graphic design tasks.

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