Kitchen Trends: Open Shelving

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Open shelving is one the most popular—and also the most controversial—kitchen trends of recent years. There’s a lot to like about it: it can make a kitchen feel more light and open, and it’s a great way to display dishes, if that’s your thing. But open shelving can also look a bit… unfinished. That’s why we love this new twist on the look, which isn’t really new at all.

The look we’re talking about? Open shelving that looks built in, like a cabinet with shelves- but sans doors. This was actually fairly common in older kitchens and was even touted by 20th century household efficiency experts as a way to save time.  By removing the doors, you didn’t need the extra step of opening it. We just think it looks nice—and gives open shelving an intentional, meant-to-be-there look that’s lovely in any space, but particularly nice in a more traditionally-styled kitchen.  Open shelving in this style can mix neatly, almost seamlessly with glass-front cabinets. The paneling that extends from the backsplash and behind the cabinets is a lovely detail.  Just a little bit of open shelving mixed into a bank of cabinets makes a perfect place to display cookbooks.

Now, is this trend for everyone?  Certainly not, let us run through the nitty gritty and you decide for yourself!  Open shelving works best with a minimalist mindset, so whether you already have adopted this, or you want to work toward it, this might be the way to force your hand.  Also, it is practical to have open shelving, you can literally see everything all the time.  So many of us have beautiful collections of crockery but only see it during cooking or special occasions, this is a way to change that.  Lastly, open shelving simply requires more cleaning – again can be good and bad, it is all about perspective.  So, what do you think…  Is this a trend you would try?  Of course, you could get this look with a pricey remodel involving custom cabinets, but if you’re shrewd you’ve probably already figured out there’s another way to do this, maybe without remodeling at all!!  Simply ditch the doors on your cabinets, patch the holes—and make sure all your dishware coordinates.  VOILA, a new on-trend kitchen!!


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