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While we’re all for timeless—and personal—design, it’s always fun to spot a new trend. And the truth is, each year does tend to bring a few new styles of furniture that inevitably make their way into the pages of our magazine and across Pinterest and Instagram.  As if we needed more proof that the grand millennial style is here to stay, we’re seeing an uptick across the board in furniture made from materials once reserved for your grandmother’s screened-in porch. Cane and rattan have popped up everywhere.

If there was a design trend that dominated 2019 as much as it did for most of the 1970s, it’s rattan. And no, it’s not just for grandparents anymore. Like most trends, they say everything comes back and rattan is here to stay because it’s a natural material.  It’s great for specific looks used in specific regions/climates, it’s how it was used in the 70’s boho aesthetic where the trend lives.  Rattan, which is a relative of the palm tree, grows naturally in Southeast Asia. Sometimes rattan is called cane, but cane simply refers to the skin of the rattan vine. Cane is flexible and pliable, making it ideal for accents and seats.

So where will rattan go in the next decade? More likely than not, it’s here to stay. The challenge is bringing this style up to date.  One great way to add texture, warmth and often sculptural elements to space, but it’s also easy to overdo. For instance, it could be used in a side chair in a living room and be painted a fun color to give the room an extra pop.  Rather than filling a room with it, think of rattan and caning as a spice.  If you can only choose one piece of rattan furniture, it should be a chair.

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