Interior Painted Doors

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If you’re still looking for fun activities you can do during quarantine–especially ones that get the whole family involved, why not try painting your interior doors?  Painted interior doors can be the needed change you need indoors and can work in every color of the rainbow. Not only do colorful doors make a bold statement, but they are so easy to transform, so no need to feel nervous!  If you feel a little apprehensive, just remember, it’s just paint, so it can always be painted black or even back to plain old white. In the meantime, you might just love the burst of color and character that a painted interior door brings to your home.

Our favorite colors are jewel tones and black… the deep rich color not only provides drama, but also is so easy to hide dirt!  Bonus!!  Great rooms to start with include an office, the laundry room or the inside of your front door.  Other benefits to an interior painted door is making your ceilings appear taller and they add balance to the decor in your home.

When you select your paint for your interior door, we recommend sticking with a high gloss paint.  The higher the gloss, the more durable & stain resistant your paint will be. While providing a bold, dramatic look, a high gloss finish will also magnify imperfections.  So, prepping carefully before painting is essential.  Semi-gloss and satin finishes are used most often because they have less sheen, but are still very durable.  Flat finishes have no sheen, but are harder to keep clean.

If you need a little inspiration, take a look at some of our favorites!!

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