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Whether it’s in a corner nook of your house, a small closet or if you have an entire room to devote, it seems like everyone has the need for a home office these days.  If you’re struggling to work from home or you feel like you don’t have enough space to do so, here are some quick and easy tips to make space for a home office: 

1) Choose the right space 

You don’t want to set up your office in the lounge/living area if that’s where the people in your home congregate. Sometimes that means converting your garage into an office space, and sometimes it means compromising with other spaces – like a hallway or closet.  It may even mean finding a little wall area in your room, settling on the far corner of the kitchen, or even finding a new use for a cupboard space by removing the doors.

2) Get organized 

After you have chosen your space, it’s time to get organized!  Nothing slows down productivity like a space that’s messy and doesn’t feel comfortable. Tuck your cables and wires away behind your desk and around the walls. You can use zip ties and even bread clips to help manage them and keep them from tangling up. Or, you can get some cable organizers. You’ll be thanking yourself next time you move or clean up your office space.

3) Personalize it 

The best home office setups are customized to suit the tastes of the people working there. You want to make the space feel yours by using colors that you associate with happiness and productivity. This encourages creativity, creates a sense of cohesiveness, and helps you feel comfortable. Chaotic work environments with mix-matched colors can slow down your overall productivity. And remember, this needs to be well lit, so if you don’t have a window space, you should light your space with lamps. 

4) Get Vertical!

One of the best space ideas for a home office is to use the full height of your wall. Install shelving that goes high up, stack your drawers, and make use of the space below the desk. By building vertically instead of horizontally, you’re still using the same amount of floor space in your home while optimizing storage space, keeping everything you need nearby. 

5) Creative Storage

Tidy spaces help keep your thought process clean and driven. Dividing drawers up, reusing jars, hanging hooks, or even repurposing wine racks are all creative ways to maximize your storage space. It’s important to have storage space with all the supplies you need nearby, so you don’t keep moving around the house to find your materials. 

6) Create division

If you’re really struggling with finding a room to set up your office, divide a space so it has multiple uses. You can easily split up a kitchen, bedroom, or living area. The key here is to keep your office space facing the rest of the room, as this makes you feel like you’re in your own area. It’s also recommended you choose office furniture and stationery that fit the look and colors of the room, so nothing stands out and feels strange about the space. 

We hope these tips inspire you to create the office space of your dreams… or at least fits your lockdown needs!!




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