Embrace Light Wood

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This year’s home design trend features one new staple, and it’s seen in many forms. Gone are the days of dark wood taking center stage… light wood has made its comeback! Whether you choose to feature this trend in your hardwood floors, your bathroom vanity, or simply in your furniture selection, this year we suggest going light.  Darker woods have featured heavily in recent years, so the honey tones are stepping up this season and we are loving the effect!

A light wood reinforces that feeling of more space, as the hues create the illusion of a bigger room. Whether it’s Scandinavian blonde, or a more rustic light oak, we’re seeing lighter-toned wood replace medium and darker shades. This color wood is uplifting and easy to design around creating a slightly more modern look, even in cozy and comfortable spaces.

Hardwood floors will always be popular, but the “it” color of stain changes over the years. With influence from Scandinavian design, light-colored wood floors are replacing the once common dark, cherry wood tones. While lighter-colored floors require more upkeep—take off those muddy shoes!—they boast design benefits like, for instance, making a room feel bigger and brighter.

There is a certain elegance in lighter woods that gives a more natural feel to a room. With many people being eco-conscious these days, there is an element of that filtering into interior design.

When choosing furniture in lighter wood tones, look out for ones that will add brightness to your room. Both period and contemporary homes alike will suit lighter hues of wooden furniture. Go for something unfussy that isn’t too heavy to open up the room and add a sense of space that is hard to achieve with darker woods.

Luckily, pastel hues are still on trend and these are perfect when combined with honey-toned woods such as pine, cherry, chestnut and oak. Many pieces can be found with pastel shades incorporated into the design; however, placing light wood furniture next to a pastel or white accent wall will command attention.

So, what do you think… Are you ready to give light wood a chance?




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