Canopy Beds

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We’re seeing more and more canopy beds in 2020 and we love it! They’re proof that a single piece of furniture can make a big statement. A canopy bed anchors the space, adds height, and gives a room a grandeur focal point to love.  Because a canopy bed takes up height, the bed won’t feel dwarfed by high ceilings. However, we also love how they are used with average height ceilings — by taking furniture that high, it can make a space feel taller.

This style of bed dates back to the Medieval period when the draperies swathed around the four posters were used for warmth and privacy, but in modern interior design, they’re just as popular a choice for bedroom furniture—and this “overhanging” trend is on the rise.  If you’re looking to make a visual statement in the master bedroom why not take a page from the royal European chambers to bedrooms designed by the most acclaimed interior designers of today.

There are several options of canopy beds.  One is the four-poster bed, which adds drama and elegance, creating a truly inviting space to rest and relax.  Leaving a four poster canopy undressed also makes an impactful statement.  The bed’s sleek structure gives a room striking lines, height, and a sense of architecture while retaining an open and airy feel.

Are you more of a romantic? If so, let’s introduce you to one of the dreamiest canopy styles: the Lit à la Polonaise (pronounced “puh-low-NEZ”). Its extravagant name makes reference to Louis XV’s Polish-born queen consort, Marie Leszczyńska. A Lit à la Polonaise is identified by posts that curve in toward a round coronet at its center. While this style bed is traditionally swathed with luxurious silk, it’s lovely shape makes a bedroom decor statement on its own for the more modern and minimal bedroom with a classical twist. 

Finally, there are the contemporary designs which are sleeker and trimmer than the heavy-curtained and ornate pieces of the past, but equally as striking. Contemporary canopy beds , with plenty of clean lines and simple design, also have the allowance to play with color and material in new, inventive ways. 

Canopy beds of today can easily complement any design aesthetic, from more urban, modern styles to traditional, romantic styles. No matter your style preference, incorporating a canopy bed into your bedroom interior design will certainly create a dreamy oasis to retire to after a long day.


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