A Hue For You In Shades Of Blue!

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Colors convey clues, what does your favorite BLUE hue say about you?  We often use color to express ourselves—in our clothes, our decor, our art.  For years, psychology has linked color to certain personalities—the feelings they evoke and what they say about you. That means that your front entrance color says something, too! It’s one of the first things guests see when they visit your home.  

Last time we took a look at a variety of color front doors but we saved the most popular… and dare we say best, for last?!?!  Make sure you’re giving off the first impression you want to send with these Blue Hues!

Navy Blue: The Idealist. A navy front door speaks that the owner has a love of rituals – they will conform to the things that have worked in the past, but not just for the sake of conforming.  They have the ability to take what worked in the past while still being capable of planning for the future.

Powder Blue: The Realist.  Behind door number two is a person who can be tranquil and serious, creative and traditional. They can be two things at once but always know where they stand, they are clear thinking and concentrated.

Aqua Blue: The Modernist. An aqua front is refreshing and uplifting. It is creative and light-hearted, yet strong and individualistic. A person with this front door is one who is embracing the here and now.

Turquoise Blue: The Enthusiast. This front door color presents an aura of friendliness and happiness. Behind this door is a person who chooses to enjoy life.

Royal Blue: The Analyst. With a royal door it conveys a homeowner that lives in the past. They relate every experience to those in the present and the future to those experiences in the past.

So which is the best front door color? It’s for you to choose!  We would love to hear from you if you agree… does your hue accurately describe you?




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