7 Tips and Tricks for Decorating a New Home

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One of the most exciting and possibly daunting parts of moving out on your own is decorating your first home. Amid all of the stress of packing, phone calls, bills and changing addresses, you also have to consider how you want your new place to look. This is an opportunity to discover your style, and we’re here to help you with these new home decorating ideas.

How to Decorate A First Home in 7 Steps

1.) Prioritize Your Purchases

While decorating your first home, you’ll probably find that you need a lot of new stuff. Compare the items you need now with those you could add to a wish list for the future. Begin by choosing furniture for the rooms where you spend the most time. Consider the areas you’ll use the most:

  • Living Room: This is one of the busiest and most-used rooms of the house, so comfy seating is a must. Consider a simple yet stylish sofa set to save money and outfit the whole room.
  • Bedroom: After a long move, you’ll need a good night’s rest. A chic storage bed and a supportive mattress are essential items.
  • Kitchen: Hard work means big appetites, so one of the first rooms you’ll unpack is the kitchen. A casual seating set is a great place to gather for your first meal in your new home.

2.) Get Creative With Decor

Once you have the perfect wall color, you can begin hanging artwork and decor that transforms your house into a home. Check out these suggestions for turning a blank wall into a showcase for your unique personality.

  • A favorite for rustic homes, a large clock completes your farmhouse-inspired kitchen.
  • Turn your hallway into a gallery with floral prints framed in dark wood or gold.
  • Give any room a bit of edge with an arrangement of photographs.
  • Collections of artwork look beautiful on a single wall or spread across rooms to carry a motif throughout.

3.) Make It Shine

Changing out light fixtures can completely transform your design. From a traditional chandelier in the foyer to modern floor lamps in the den, select coordinating fixtures or use a variety of styles for a cool, eclectic vibe. Make sure you have overhead lighting in addition to lamps so that you can brighten up the space for guests or relax with a subtle ambient glow.

4.) Feng Shui Your Way

Think about how you want to arrange your furniture to keep things inviting and comfortable. Consider who is using the room and how you need it to function. While a sprawling sectional provides seating for large families and for those who like to entertain, a loveseat with a coffee and end table trio is ideal for couples.

Another great way to ensure that all of your furniture works well together is to shop collections. For example, the Cindy Crawford or Sofia Vergara lines feature coordinated sets that give your room a curated, well-appointed feel. Plus, you save more money when you outfit your entire room at once, and every penny counts when you’re decorating your first home.

5.) Accents Are Everything

Accents are another wonderful way to make your new place your own. Take this chance to play with bold hues, quirky patterns and fun textures that reflect who you are. While many of your first purchases may be essentials, this is where you can get creative. Consider these stylish and functional first home ideas to personalize your space:

  • Try a set of nesting tables for a versatile option that you can move around the room or stack for storage.
  • Piles of accent pillows in a variety of colors and materials adds character to your seating arrangement.
  • Poufs and ottomans serve as extra chairs, footrests and impromptu tables.
  • Store shoes, blankets and seasonal clothing in a storage bench in your entryway or at the foot of your bed.

6.) Creature Comforts

After a big move, it’s natural to crave a sense of normalcy. Do you need to begin your day with a hot cup of joe? Consider installing a coffee bar in your kitchen using a rolling cart or a credenza. Is it important for you to feel polished before leaving the house? Designate a well-lit area of your bedroom for a chic vanity.

7.) A Fresh Start

Don’t underestimate the power of a little greenery to refresh the atmosphere in your home. Fresh flowers are lovely, but they can be difficult to maintain in the flurry of post-move life. Try adding silk floral arrangements or lush shrubs in every room for a much-needed dose of nature all year long.

A Hearty Housewarming

You’ll be all ready to host your housewarming party thanks to these home decorating ideas. Welcome friends and family to see your new place and celebrate the landmark occasion of moving into a new home. With these tips, you’re sure to impress everybody, including yourself, with a design that’s all your own.

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