The Packing District: Location, Location, Location!

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Keeping its focus on the community of Orlando, The Packing District seeks to further unite “the City Beautiful” through boundless economic and social opportunities that align with the aim of its sponsor, Dr. Phillip Charities. Through Dr. Phillips’ vision, the land was initially acquired as part of his philanthropic initiatives in bolstering unity, community, and economy. If this is the part where you roll your eyes at the thought of another industry giant planting more unnecessary buildings in the area, let me stop you. Dr. Phillips is no stranger to the community of Orlando, nor his efforts of giving back. Apart from his initial goal of bringing citrus to the world (and injecting his profits back into the community), in the 1950s, Dr. Phillips and his wife ensured adequate healthcare opportunities were available to the underserved minority population in Orlando at that time. They subsequently donated land and contributed money to help establish the first acute care African American hospital in Orlando. Within education, they provided assistance through low interest loans to individuals aspiring to become doctors and other professionals within their field. After more than 80 years of existence, enhancing educational opportunities remains a staple to Central Florida students of the Dr. Phillips Charities. Their influence also impacted the arts, giving over 49 million dollars to varying performing arts initiatives which continue to shape the Central Florida community even today by way of the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, Garden Theatre, Orlando Ballet, Opera Orlando, and many, many more! See, I told you there was more to this than you expected.

The Packing District has been a labor of love for close to 100 years! This 202-acre site is a rich, celebrated, industrial and commercial landscape poised within proximity of the well-established neighborhood that is College Park in Orlando. Why here? Well, the market specific to this area is projected to continue to grow quite robustly over the next few decades. Apart from being situated in this prime spot, The Packing District community plans to offer: a YMCA Family Center, trails for biking, a regional park, food halls for social gathering, a 4Roots Farm & Agriculture Center, townhomes, as well as multi-family units designed for various accommodations. A sense of community is fostered at this location. It provides individuals and families with countless opportunities to develop new connections, while simultaneously engaging in community support. To provide an even greater sense as to how vast the expansion is, 97 acres of the allotted 202 acres of land is geared towards mixed-use and residential purposes, not primarily industrial. 105 acres of the dedicated regional park includes a 40-acre urban farm, 3500 units of projected residential, >1 million square feet of projected real estate and office space! This is amazing for the growth potential of the city!

It may still make you wary, but rest assured, you should not be. As a project carefully curated for such an extended period, by an organization that has been nothing but dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for Central Floridians, the Dr. Phillips organization has given us time and time again quality projects that we can trust. The Dr. Phillips organization has shown us through their actions that they care, and the entire community has been buzzing about this project since its inception. This project has something for everyone: families, individuals, those contemplating families; those who love to indulge in adventure, biking, social gatherings; those with a focus on building the community and ultimately, a sense of unity. This community project is only going to be made greater by the people. They are the ones who keep its impact memorable, they are the ones who advertise how amazing they feel to be a part of it and they are the ones who will help maintain its legacy for many years to come! 

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