I am Matthew Wynne, a Florida native who was raised in South Miami. I pursued my higher education at the University of Cincinnati, where I successfully obtained both my Undergraduate and Graduate degrees in accounting. Concurrently, I embarked on my journey to become a pilot. Following graduation, I relocated to Orlando to obtain my Certified Flight Instructor license, allowing me to impart my knowledge and skills to aspiring aviators.

Shortly thereafter, I secured a position as a Pilot at a Regional Airline, which provided services to major airlines. It was during this period that I made my initial foray into the real estate field by acquiring my mortgage broker license. This experience allowed me to witness firsthand the positive influence real estate professionals have on people's lives. By assisting individuals in consolidating debt and fulfilling their aspirations of homeownership, I recognized the profound impact such professionals can have.

However, my aviation career led me away from Orlando for a time. When I returned with my wife, who subsequently became a Realtor, I saw it as an opportune moment to reenter the field I had missed. Becoming a Realtor, I appeared to be the perfect amalgamation of my prior experiences, enabling me to contribute positively once again to the lives of my clients. I am committed to supporting them at every stage of their homeownership journey, ensuring their best interests are safeguarded throughout.

Beyond real estate, my interests encompass global travel alongside my wife, aviation, attending live sporting and music events, and exploring the diverse offerings of Central Florida. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with you as your partner in the pursuit of your dream home.

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