I am a true “sunshine” girl, born and raised in Central Florida. My only time away from here, was four (4) great years in Tallahassee obtaining my degree at Florida State University. I love our warm weather and the diversity of people drawn to Central Florida because both lead to many great choices in entertainment, from pro sports to theater, music, theme parks and the natural beauty of Florida’s trails and lakes. In my spare time, I enjoy many of these, or I can be found traveling, laying on a beach, reading a book, gardening, watching football, or Formula 1 racing.

One of the reasons I love real estate is that it provides an opportunity to help others create a lifetime of memories and wealth through homeownership and I possess a passion for helping others since I was a child. In elementary school I was on safety patrol, ensuring the safety of younger children, and in middle school I tutored a friend who needed assistance. I continued this devotion to help others in my career choices, working in Microbiology to help diagnose cause of illnesses and how best to treat them, and traveled the world to help clinicians take their medical facilities paperless. Subsequently, I launched my own business, helping people gain access to medical care through affordable, non-traditional benefit programs until the Affordable Care Act passed, and then transitioned into helping university admins assist students with the financial aid process. I attribute my success in each field to my attention to detail in approaching issues and processes.

I have been around the real estate industry most of my life. My mother and brother were real estate agents, and I accompanied my mom on open houses, listings, and showings for years and loved it. I have been a private lender, an owner of several rental properties, and of course, bought and sold homes of my own. Becoming a realtor just felt like the appropriate next step and a natural extension for me.

Today, I bring this breadth of experience, skill with detail, and hunger for helping others to the real estate industry as an agent, and my residential buyers and sellers benefit from my well-rounded industry background. Additionally, having lived in Central Florida my whole life, I know the area well. I have lived off Lee Road (more central), off 434 in Maitland, in Apopka on the west side and now near the University of Central Florida on the east side, as well as attending school in College Park. I am happy to help you find your perfect home or establish the best price point to list and sell your home no matter where you may be in Central Florida, using the wealth of knowledge I have as a native of Orlando, Florida and the resources and team available to me through eXp Realty LLC.

Relevant Awards:

  • Outstanding Leadership – 2012
  • Shining Star, Senior Regional Sales Director - 2008
  • Best Organization, Sales - 2002
  • Outstanding Young Women of America - 1988
  • Outstanding Academic Achievement – 1983-1984


  • National Association of Realtors (NAR) - As a member, I am held to a higher ethical standard, which means you can count on me for integrity, honesty, care, and due diligence on your behalf.
  • Orlando Regional Realtors Association - which provides agents with the latest market data to best price and market your home.

I believe wholeheartedly in homeownership and would love to help you find your first ever home, future dream home, or down-sized, retirement home – whatever your goal. From listing to looking, offer to close, I am happy to help with the details, so you feel confident maneuvering through the real estate transaction process.

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