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Choose a home for sale and rent it! We give you the exclusive right to buy it and you decide if it's right for you.
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Start your journey home with a quick and free prequalification form and see if the program is right for you! Then, apply with no impact on your credit.​

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Search for a home listed for sale. You can work with your agent, or we’ll connect you with one. We show you the rents and purchase prices upfront, so there are no surprises (property qualification criteria apply).

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We will make a cash offer on an eligible home of your choice. If successful, you sign a 1-year lease and get ready to move in.

Rent and Decide

Enjoy your new home with the peace of mind of 5 years of guaranteed rent (3 years in Texas). You can buy your home at any point. At the end of your lease term, you can renew, or simply walk away with no penalties.

Home Partners is your path to a great home

A home you love. A neighborhood you want. Our approach to real estate starts with you: your budget, your timeline, and your goals.
With Home Partners, your choices are clear, your options are open, and you can move forward with confidence.
Enjoy the benefits of a single-family home now and decide later.
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Ben is truly one of the best agents in Central Florida. He has flawlessly executed 5 home transactions in the past 4 years with me. What is most impressive is his ability to navigate situations as they get complex (we recently sold and bought a new home during this pandemic). He will respond to any questions you have for him within a matter of hours, and does an immense amount of behind the scenes work before providing you with exactly what you need. Lastly, he is an absolute expert at new construction sales. You may think you don't need an agent when buying new construction, but I can tell you from experience that you want someone like Ben on your side to push things through for you and make sure they are exactly as you want. I cannot more highly recommend him as your realtor!~

Ryan & Ale

Ben is literally the BEST!!! He guided us from beginning to end with compassion and detail along every step of the way.We hit some big hiccups in our closing process, and Ben always had our back. When we had to switch lenders because of unforeseen circumstances with CoVid-19, he even got our builder to grant their preferred lender discount! I could go on and on about everything Ben did for us, including SHOWING UP for EVERY walkthrough, and especially for closing.If you are looking to buy anywhere in the Orlando area, don't waste your time by looking elsewhere or asking your friend who just got her real estate license to "help you out." Call Ben Laube; he is the BEST.

~ Randy & Amy