The Smart Way to Buy Before You Sell


Save time, stress, and money with a Knock Home Swap™


Buy a new home without having to sell the old one first, or at the same time.

Close on a new house in half the time (or less) of a typical financed offer.


Start making offers on homes with your fully pre-approved mortgage.

Win your dream home with a strong, competitive offer.

Cost Savings

Move only once, and save on rent, closing costs, and moving costs.

Get up to $25,000 of home prep work prepaid so your old house sells for the best price.

How it Works


#1 - Get Pre-Approved

With Knock, we’ll get you fully underwritten for a new home loan including down payment assistance so you can start making offers fast.

#2 - Buy Your New Home First

Put down a winning offer on your dream home and move in right away. You only pay your new mortgage while we cover your old one.

#3 - Then Sell Your Old House

Knock will pre-pay up to $25,000 to get your old house ready for listing on the open market so it sells fast for top dollar—it’s that simple!


Unlike traditional home sales, where you can miss out on your dream home while waiting for your current house to sell, the Knock Home Swap gets you into your new home first.

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“Knock makes the process of selling while buying seamless.”


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