I am Jennifer Burns, originally, I am from Siagon, Vietnam, but relocated to Dallas, Texas in 1975. I spent most of my young, adult life in Dallas, but decided to make Central Florida my home in 2011. Presently, I live in Lake Nona, and my favorite thing about living in Lake Nona is the abundance of opportunity it provides for growth and economic development to the residents of the Central Florida community.

My initial move to Lake Nona was inspired by my desire to be a part of our family business, RLBurns Inc. and RBurns Renovestments LLC. However, as time passed, I found my interests to explore other opportunities. I spent the last 30 years within luxury retail management, one of my most impactful roles to date as it shaped my customer service, teaching me the importance of effective communication, nurturing meaningful relationships, and managing a myriad of situations.

In 2020, after retiring from the retail industry, I decided to begin my career in real estate where I can continue being of service as I help families through one of the most rewarding transactions they would ever make in their lifetime. Outside of real estate, I enjoy cooking, interior design, gardening, home improvement projects, spending time with my dogs and quality time with my family.

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