I am Javier “Jay” Rodriguez. Originally, I am from El Paso, Texas, where I was raised with four (4) siblings by my mother. 

After the birth of my daughter, I continued working while simultaneously attending school for business management. However, I slowly came to the realization that carving a path in business management was not the ideal approach for me. Ultimately, I took a step back from college, and subsequently moved to Orlando with my wife, Ashley, and our dog, Jack. 

I made the move to Orlando to launch my career as a professional mixed martial artist, which I am actively pursuing. Throughout the years, I held positions within customer service, customer care, the service industry, and multiple sales positions, culminating in a wealth of experience that has prepared me for the next chapter of my life in the real estate industry.

I am even more passionate to help the community I am in, with real estate being the ultimate foundation. Southern Orlando has afforded me the best access to further discover and branch out across Florida exploring tourist attractions, springs, trails, and dog friendly experiences for our furry family member, Jack.

Outside of my professional life, I enjoy exercising, mixed martial arts, and spending quality time with my wife.

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