I am Gadiel Amilec, born and raised on the gorgeous Caribbean island that is Puerto Rico. Currently, I live on Westwood Boulevard, minutes away from SeaWorld, in Orlando, Florida. I love many things about this area; however, my absolute favorite thing would be that I am allowed the convenience of access to the restaurant, “First Watch.”

Over the years, I have explored many creative interests, primarily honing my focus on being a professional cook. This inspiration came through Anthony Bourdain, by way of his show highlighting two (2) interests of mine, travel, and food. Through his show, I gained the inspiration to become a professional cook. I spent six (6) years within this role and had my own personal kitchen for approximately one (1) year. Unfortunately, unexpected events affected my ability in being able to maximize its full potential. However, some key takeaways from that experience included paying attention to detail, listening to my customers, and forging a relationship through cuisine and culture.

Being of an entrepreneurial mindset, I also founded an Information Technology business, called, “Circuito.” Our focus was predominantly on hardware and software support. We also became a third-party cellular phone carrier hub, meaning we could sell, activate, and have people pay for their carrier services at our location. After our first year of operations, I decided to branch out and direct my energy into developing my personal kitchen. Circuito helped me build on my service excellence, by going above and beyond for our customers, providing services and solutions that anticipated how best to maximize efficiency, as well as making the most of their purchase.

I decided to start a career in real estate after realizing the benefits and long-term returns of owning property. My excitement to help families, learn more about the market, and be the best realtor for you, fuels me to stay up to date with all happenings throughout the industry, especially in Central Florida. I am sincere, efficient, and reliable. You are guaranteed I will go above and beyond to serve your real estate needs and make this process as easy for you as possible.

Outside of work, I enjoy cooking, reading, writing, and spending time with my family. If you are looking to buy, sell, or rent, let me guide you in finding the perfect home. My promise to you, is to deliver my best, always.