I am Erika De La Cruz, initially from New York, I moved my family to the sunny state of Florida so my children can enjoy both the warmer weather, as well as the many family friendly activities and adventures the state provides. Although I am a native New Yorker, I grew up in the Dominican Republic, where the importance of family was at the forefront, along with the pleasure of the beautiful weather that came with living on such a gorgeous, Caribbean island. I returned to New York with the intention of obtaining a college degree and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Recreation Therapy.

I have spent over 15 years in the healthcare industry as a Recreational Therapist and it has been one of the most professionally and personally rewarding experiences of my life. I volunteered and worked with various patients, clients, and residents of different ages. I provided them a lens to see the many beauties life had to offer no matter what they were experiencing through social, cultural, intellectual, educational, spiritual, and physical group activities. I thoroughly enjoyed being the one who made them smile while simultaneously improving their quality of life. Being of service always has been and always will be a core passion of mine.

However, after relocating to Florida, I decided it was time to channel my passion of service into a field that created similar experiences, while allowing me to spend more time with my family, further my personal growth and self-development and help families purchase their forever home. Real estate was the perfect fit. It also allowed me a space to utilize my administrative, planning and coordination capabilities which are integral in the home-buying/selling process. 

Outside of real estate, I enjoy exploring Florida with my kids, going to the beach, hiking, volunteering, and working out. Being a lover of the beauty industry, I am also a Seint Makeup Artist. On occasion, I love finding new places to eat, but nothing makes me happier than spending time with my children. My energetic nature, ambition, discipline, and many years of customer service have shaped me in being able to adapt responsibly, with you in mind, to any given situation and I pride myself on putting you first and being there for you, always.

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